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Studio Arisi Rota was founded by Marco Arisi Rota, a Certified Public Accountant, registered under the Public Certified Accountants Registry of Milan (Italy) and an Auditor. The team is made up of both Public Certified Accountants and Auditors.

With a view  to protecting public interest, in Italy Chartered Accountants and Auditors are professions regulated by public authorities (respectively, the Ministry of Justice and of Finance).

Since 1996, our Firm has partnered with international counterparties, providing tailor-made services to clients in various geographies (France, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland). In 2000, our Firm broadened its outreach by adding two additional business (PDM Servizi Ltd and Clic Ltd), serving clients through accounting as well as administrative practices.

In addition to Italian, we also speak English, French and Spanish.

Our Firm boasts a deep understanding of the multi-faceted corporate world, strives to continuously upgrade its knowledge base and maintains a high level of commitment in its endeavors.

Indirizzo: Via Ariberto 20, 20123, Milano
Tel: +39 02-48019382
Fax:+39 02-58108587

  • Studi Legali (USA, Francia, Italia).
  • Studi commercialisti (Francia, Spagna, USA, Italia).
  • Società di servizi nautici (Regno Unito).
  • Consulenti del lavoro (Italia e Regno Unito).